What can Gratitude do for you?


Recently, I’ve been studying gratitude. I have a really hard time being grateful for the treasures I’ve gotten and currently have in my life. I turned to this book for help. “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne (my friend Tanner recommended it to me). I can honestly say that some of the gratitude exercises recommended in the book were really difficult for me to perform. I’ve had such a good life, and I’m so used to taking things for granted.


Gratitude is important because… (according to the book + plus my interpretation)

1) If you are grateful for the stuff you have in your life, you will have MORE things to be grateful for.
2) If you bitch and complain about stuff, you will have MORE things to bitch and complain about.

Positive thinking generates more positive outcomes. Negative thinking generates more negative outcomes. The book says that this is due to “Magic” and Universal Law. A psychologist might say this is the power of perception and self-fulfilling prophecy. I say it’s a little bit of both.

In a previous post, I talked about the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is your circumstances and expectations. Joy comes from cultivating gratitude. If you want to have a really happy, joyous life, you gotta learn how to be grateful about every FUCKING thing. Everything from your hands, toes, feet, the air, water, grass, bad , good, present, past, future. And when you are grateful for EVERYTHING… omg, you will be so happy and feel so blessed. That is what I want to work towards. lol

Here is where the magic is. You know the saying.. DON’T COUNT YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH. Well.. DO IT ANYWAYS!!! 🙂 YES (well not “exactly”)  lol The book recommends feeling gratitude for your desires and wishes BEFORE they happen.  Sounds really counter intuitive right? Your desires could have to do with money, health, relationships, love, friends etc…  How to do this?

1) Be grateful for everything you received in your PAST. Count your blessings.

2) Be grateful for everything you have in the PRESENT moment.

3) Imagine your wishes being fulfilled and feel mucho gratitude in your FUTURE. The more sincere and heartfelt your gratitude is, the more effective and powerful will this magic be in manifesting your dreams.

Let’s say you had a really fucked up life. And you have nothing to be grateful for. Or you are a spoiled brat and just take everything for granted (like me.. but I’m working on it. XD Thank you for this book). It’s going to be HARD to feel grateful right? How are you supposed to be grateful for the death of a family member, an accident, or painful memories? How are you supposed to feel grateful for that bitch who screwed you over?

Then you got to think of all the things that this situation did for you. Maybe it was a hardship that made you stronger? Maybe it made you cherish and realize all the other things in your life? Maybe you learned how to set boundaries?

I have had a hard time feeling gratitude towards myself, and I think a lot of people feel the same way. Lets review what that means. If you aren’t feeling gratitude, you are taking something for granted. Let’s say you did a 3 mile jog in like 33 minutes cuz you are feeling kind of tired. And you say to yourself.. “fuck! that’s so slow. I need to run way faster”. At that moment, you are taking your legs and lungs who have worded so hard for you for granted. And you are taking yourself for granted too. Furthermore, if you have a HABIT of taking yourself for granted, it is very likely you are also thinking and saying the same things to your friends and family members.

When you complain, it is a lack of gratitude. And when you take things for granted, more bad shit is gonna happen and you will have more things to complain about.

However, if you express gratitude but still see room for improvement… I think that is a very humble and healthy way of self-improvement.  For example… “33 minutes for 3 miles? Good effort. I’m grateful for legs and lungs for running so hard. I appreciate you. Perhaps, we can get a better nights sleep so we can run faster next time. 🙂 “

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